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Discover our all-encompassing solution to establish yourself as a prominent audio provider in the online sphere.


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Present on-demand playlists, live streams, podcasts or audiobooks with a remarkable user experience tailored to your audience, uniquely branded by you.

Merging state-of-the-art technology with cost-effective strategies, we provide a comprehensive one-stop solution that flawlessly integrates apps, web-based play centers and a robust management toolkit.

What is your business?

  • For Broadcasters

    Elevate the online radio experience for both users and clients by incorporating exceptional features and advanced automation tailored for content creators.

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  • For Brands

    We seamlessly blend music and podcasts into your app, crafting a revitalized brand experience. Engage users by incorporating captivating tunes and interactive gamification elements.

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Some of our cases

Ibiza Sonica

Ibiza Sonica is the leading radio station on the world-famous island. Discover electronic music from all genres and exclusive on demand DJ shows. Client: Sonica Broadcast 5.0SL

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Ibiza Sonica


Q-RATED stands for curated and quality music. Listen to +50 stations - worldwide and free of charge. Client: Bank Cler AG

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Radio Central

Radio Central is one of the leading Swiss broadcasters. Discover interactive playlists, replay live-content and receive digital vouchers. Client: Radio Central AG

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Radio Central

Rundfunk FM

The well-known and event-based radio offering Rundfunk FM, offers curated music shows and live broadcasts of events. We have developed a cloud-based playout system for this purpose. Client: Sirup GmbH

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Rundfunk FM

RED by Dufry

RED by Dufry is available in 65 countries. The airport retailer's app Red By Dufry offers interactive playlists. Activating the flight mode, you access music even offline. Client: Dufry International AG

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RED by Dufry

Radio Eviva

The Swiss original among broadcasters offers a replay archive, interactive playlists and news. Discover traditional Swiss music in best audio quality. Client: Radio Eviva AG

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Radio Eviva

el paradiso PLAY

el paradiso is one of the most beautiful and trendiest winter locations in Switzerland. Discover exclusive DJ sets, live-recorded in St. Moritz or listen to premium playlists for free. Client: El Paradiso Hospitality Group AG

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el paradiso PLAY

Sunshine Radio

Chart-driven broadcaster Sunshine Radio offers on-demand playlists, live radio, exclusive vouchers, in-app contests and a large selection of news. Client: Radio Sunshine AG

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Sunshine Radio

Swiss Music Awards

The official podcast for the Swiss Music Awards is an open exchange to the music business. A wide variety of musicians meet at SMA Studio and talk about their road to the stage. Client: Claim AG

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Swiss Music Awards

  • Suisse Podcast
  • Globo Vintage
  • Radio Romanista
  • Radio Globo
  • Radio 21
  • Antenne Sylt
  • Antenne Vorarlberg
  • Radio Sunshine
  • Red by Dufry
  • Cler
  • Radio Central
  • Swiss Music Awards
  • Rockland Radio
  • Rundfunk FM
  • Radio Eviva
  • Ibiza Sonica
  • Fifa World
  • Audion
  • JTI
  • Claim
  • Black Frame
  • el paradiso
  • Audiokanzlei

What we offer

One-stop solution

We specialize in crafting immersive online audio entertainment, including:

  • Native iOS and Android audio apps
  • SDKs for seamless app integration
  • Web-based play centers
  • Cloud-based content creation
  • Monetization and community tools
  • Audio production and branding
  • Music catalogues and licensing
One-stop solution

About Us

For several years, our dedicated team of developers in Switzerland has been crafting top-tier online audio experiences. Boasting a robust media background, we excel in audio entertainment and provide expert consultation to media companies navigating digital transformation.

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The evolution of media consumption has profoundly transformed the music industry, presenting unparalleled opportunities to connect with audiences. Online technologies serve as the foundation for the future, enabling audio distribution without the constraints of territorial boundaries or concession-related limitations.

The worldwide mobile streaming volume of audio has surged nearly fivefold over the last years, demonstrating consistent and robust market growth. Picture: Global mobile audio streaming traffic 2016-2021, published by

Our strengths

  • Technology advantage

    Technology advantage

    We deliver the ultimate white label solution, expertly designed by audio specialists. Our ever-evolving platform integrates innovative audio features and trends consistently for a cutting-edge experience.

  • White label

    White label

    We empower your brand to take center stage. Our 100% white-labeled offerings are seamlessly incorporated into your app or website, ensuring a consistent and polished brand presence.

  • Cost-efficient


    Our solution offers substantial cost savings compared to in-house alternatives. Generate additional revenue while conserving resources and minimizing licensing expenses.

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