Enable the best mobile radio experience and increase revenues sustainably

We develop new generation radio apps and backend solutions for radio broadcasters to launch data-driven and automated business models.

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Start now

Radio becomes on demand and personalized

Audio consumption is increasingly shifting to the online sphere. This is changing how users consume audio formats but also radio's business models which are now increasingly data-based. The digital transformation is putting significant pressure on broadcasters to enter into cost-intensive online developments, even though the main revenue streams still come from the linear business.

With this in mind, Brands Are Live offers a state-of-the-art online audio ecosystem that allows broadcasters to participate in the online business cost-effectively and without own development ressource.

Online audio ecosystem

  • App


    Offer your customers a modern audio on demand app with unprecedented radio features and the best user experience.

  • Dashboard


    Create, manage and analize all app content including campaigns an work with cloud audio.

  • Monetization


    With new online monetization models integrated into the app, you can get started immediately.

  • Automation


    Benefit from resource-saving workflow automation based on data that is collected in a fully automated way.

New generation radio apps

On demand

On demand

News & push

News & push



Next level ads

Next level ads

On demand

On demand

Audio content that is taillored to your communities behavior

Our on-demand application, developed for broadcasters, offers personalized audio playlists. Users can skip songs, replay and access music and audio content offline.

News & push

News & push

Content becomes clear added value

Text content is one of the central formats that radio providers offer in their online portfolio. Breaking news or special marketing campaigns are important to reactivate app users via push notification. Our editorial tool allows fully automated publishing of multimedia articles and simultaneously deliver personalized user communication.



Bind user through digital benefits

Radio is the fastest medium – but in the digital environment it’s not the most engaging. It is important to enter into new user relationships and create exclusive online added value. Digital vouchers, membership programs with benefits, or digital gamification are just a few examples. We offer ready to use in-app solutions for all these approaches.

Next level ads

Next level ads

Exploit all opportunities to get into digital business

Offer clients a personalized and interactive product presentation. Enable products to be purchased directly from the audio stream. Present thematic and brandable partner playlists and podcasts. Work with voice AI tools, so listeners can engage in a dialogue with audio advertising. Participate in global advertising campaigns thanks to the integration of relevant audio and display advertising platforms.

App features by categories

New features are added continuously.

  • Content

    • On demand playlists
    • Show archive
    • Podcasts
    • Livestreams
    • Editorial content
  • Interaction

    • Skip songs
    • Listen offline
    • Collect favorites
    • Hot button for contests
    • Push notifications
  • Monetization

    • Sponsor integration
    • Digital vouchers
    • Membership subscription
    • All types of audio ads
    • Display ads
  • User & data

    • Onboarding
    • Registration process
    • Data verification
    • Account settings
    • Unlock content
  • Connectivity

    • Bluetooth
    • Chromecast
    • Airplay
    • CarPlay
    • Android Auto
  • Quality

    • Adapted audio quality
    • Volume leveling
    • Fast loading
    • Rich metadata
    • Sleeping timer


In-app vouchers

A new way to create values and revenues. Integrate clients and their products or services through digital vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed at the point of sale or in the online store via your app.

  • Strengthen digital engagement
  • Increase sales through audio
  • Increase app sessions
  • Deliver vouchers based on targets
  • Success-based advertising rate
In-app vouchers

Integrated advertising services

  • Instreamatic
  • adswizz
  • Google Ads


The cloud-based Dashboard is the control center to the app, allowing broadcasters full flexibility and automating complex processes to a large extent. Create more output with less effort.

Synergies can be used and content can be shared without any effort.


Dashboard features for more efficiency

  • Cloud audio

    Cloud audio

    All audio content, i.e. music, talk snippets, podcasts, jingles and ads are automatically stored in your audio cloud. Work from anywhere thanks to the central database.

  • Content creation

    Content creation

    Create unlimited playlists manually or automated. Access the integrated music scheduling tool. Add live streams, DJ mixshows, podcasts or write articles. Import audio or editorial content fully automated.

  • App editor

    App editor

    Publish app content with flexible design modules. Work intuitively via the drag an drop editor.

  • Automated data enrichment

    Automated data enrichment

    Audio files uploaded to Cloud Audio are automatically enriched with thousands of valuable data points. This builds the basis for workflow automation and content personalization.

  • Campaign management

    Campaign management

    Create, plan and publish in-app campaigns such as vouchers, competitions, sponsorships or ads. Measure success and export campaign results. Schedule and send push notifications to all users or defined audiences.

  • Analytics


    See your apps performing. Learn which content is being accessed the most and decide about future content priorities based on usage data. All data is stored securely.

  • User management

    User management

    Manage all user profiles. Create audiences based on different targets. Match content to users.

  • App settings

    App settings

    Define the frequency users recieve ads. Set up automated workflows. Send playlist reports to the music industry.

Software as a service

Our platform is continuously developed by audio specialists.

Stay innovative while maintaining cost control thanks to our affordable solution.

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Integrate our solution into your existing media app. Our software development kit can be integrated fast and without barriers.