Offer free music and podcasts to your community

Showcase your brand through the power of audio. Engage user through music and podcasts in your app.

Add a play button

Add a play button

Engage your community with modern audio formats - through your own app

Music and podcasts bring unique value to your brand, through emotions, engagement and identity. Experience shows that offering the right music online will increase sales, enhance performance and be a pillar of positive brand perception.

To take music branding a step further, we have created Brand Station. A bespoke audio solution, which increases the online time on your portals and provides users with your brand’s offers and benefits within the music stream.

Designed for you

Sounds like you, looks like you

We have developed the most brandable and ready-to-use white label audio service.

Offer brand playlists based on moods, genres, seasonal events and curator selections. Inspire your audience with podcast talks or stream your happenings live from any location.


Offer all types of audio



Curated music lists including offline listening & track skipping



Full on demand audio series, based on talks or dj mix shows

DJ Mixshows

DJ Mixshows

Exclusive DJ sets from all over the world on demand



Go live from stores, events or any location in seconds

<h2>Sales based on music</h2>

Sales based on music

Enable users to purchase in the audio stream

Offer thematic playlist based on your business. Include brand testimonials as curators. And integrate related products - linked to the check out of your shop.

Open your audio space to showcase partners. Increase revenue streams through integrated advertising solutions.


In-app vouchers

A new way to create values and revenues. Offer products or services through digital vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed at the point of sale or in the online store via your app.

  • Strengthen digital engagement
  • Increase sales through audio
  • Increase app sessions
  • Deliver vouchers based on targets
  • Success-based advertising rate
In-app vouchers

Cutting-edge audio marketing

  • Branding and gamification

    Visually and acoustically brand each playlist or podcast individually to put your promotions, events or partners into focus.

  • Business intelligence

    Create your upcoming campaigns based on comprehensive music marketing personas and user reports.

  • Open for new users

    All audio content can be shared and published in social campaigns without any entry barrier for new users.

Insights and content control

Get valuable information about what your users are listening to.

Through the Dashboard you access valuable performance data of all audio content. Measure your audience through emotions and lifestyle criteria.

Control all promotions such as vouchers or contests, manage playback of audio ads and access user profiles.

<h2>Insights and content control</h2>

Online audio as a service

It's easy to get started. We cover 360° and provide you with all the services from a single source.

  • Music


    We design the audio profile that matches your target community with our large database of commercial and independet music.

  • Curation


    Our music experts curate all audio content. We produce podcasts and arrange collaborations with artists.

  • Branding


    Music and branding are designed to flow together. Our sound and graphic designers specialize in crafting modern audio experiences that pay attention to brand values.

  • Technology


    Use our white label technoligy to integrate audio into your app. For web integrations, we offer custom solutions.

  • Legal


    Digital distribution of music is to be licensed. We are in a direct contractual relationship with the music industry and ensure the appropriate legal scope for your brand.

  • Reporting


    Usage is music is fully automated reportet to the rights representatives.

Made for innovative brands

  • Win new users
  • Increase number of app sessions
  • Increase session lenghts
  • Increase revenues
  • Reinforce brand loyalty
  • Licensed and legit
Made for innovative brands